Traditional Sport in Romania

Romania is filled with sports that inspires many Romanians to join any sport competition especially on the field. Among games that are played in Romania is track and field and baseball. However, long time ago, Romanian gave birth to a field event which is called Oina,a game that is similar with baseball. When it was first played date back 1300s, there was no set of rules but it is played by some group of people who would divide themselves into two groups and there they will play this.

In those days, they neither had wide field with measurement nor exact manner in playing it. This had become the national sport in Romania in the year 1900s. This kind of game was spread to neighboring countries where it became the reason to establish a new version of it, that is baseball. Baseball came to adapt in with the set of rules and regulations. Oina and Baseball are similar in some ways. In baseball, there is a pitcher in the middle of the field but in Oina, there is no need to pitch the ball from the center. Someone would toss the ball in front of the batter, and he should bat it.

Home run is the same with baseball, the more Homerun is the winner. After baseball took its root in the whole world and Romania also started to adapt it, Oina, the traditional sport of Romania gradually disappeared. The hope is that Romanian would stat to revive it so that it can be famous like that of baseball.