Trivia corner: The destination of merchandise from the losing super bowl teams

I found this topic and I became interested in it. It is because there are many things that are wasted that could be recycled or could be donated. Just like the unsold merchandise of companies who sell clothing. Surely there are items that will remain unsold and it was proven so there is an effort being made that they should be donated. As companies throw them away so it is a big waste not just of money but also the resources that were used to make it.

Now you know where the merchandise is going. It is a total waste if they will just be thrown away. They are not yet worn and they are made by branded companies so quality also is good. There should be more effort like this so that the surplus or unused or unsold goods that other people need could reach them. As there are organizations who can bridge the gap of distance and distribution process so it is not a problem anymore. Use this software for your engineering projects. An autocad is a nice tool to use. Very efficient and all that you needed features this software.

I am not promoting the organization itself but their effort and deed should be appreciated. There should be more donors as it can also be viewed as giving back to the community or as their corporate social responsibility. They will not just help in making effort for the environment not after using the resources but also by preventing resources of being used up and was just wasted as products produced using the resources are thrown away. You can also help by donating not throwing your goods.