Best Athletes in Romania

Here are the best athletes in Romania that gave made Romanian name in games shine over Europe and all over the world.

Simona Halep of Romania. Adrian Mutu- He is one of the professional football players who have joined in all the games of football competitions in all the time the time he was active. He had a great contribution in all the winning of the team ever since.

Ciprian Tatarusanu- He is a goal keeper of a football team and he is one of the award winners of football game. A goal keeper is one of the most important player in a football game and so he has become the famous good goal keeper of Romanian football team.

Illi Balaci-He is a team member and a player of football and he is one of the most excellent players recognized by the National Football Team Association in Romania.

Hank Greenberg- A baseball player called to win the approval of seniors. He is the best player in baseball and he is now performing his best for his country.

Gheorghe Mureșan- He is an NBA player and he became one of the most amazing player in the history of Romanian baseball game. He became a gold medalist.

Mirel Radoi- He is one of the best defender in Romanian team. Try to watch him playing in with his team. He is a good player and he is now a mature player of football.

Miodrag Belodeci is national football player in Romania. He is a good descendant of football game.