Games Held in Romania Field

Romanians have also joined in sports competition such as Olympics and International tournaments. Aside from the fact that they play baseball, Romanians are acknowledged as football players. Romania has a very small population but actually, they are rich in culture, games and many things.

In 1990, they played the role in Olympics and luckily, they did not fail to get an award although not gold medal but at least they showed that they are also capable of joining World Cups and Olympics. True to their dreams, the following Olympics, World Cups and International Tournaments that they have made a lot efforts proven by the gold medals that they have already accumulated for years.

Players in tennis, football, gymnastics have received individual awards for all the efforts that they have performed. Among the countries joining in Olympics, they are one of the top 20 best players in the world. This is an amazing achievement of a country in Europe.

Aside from this, they also are recognized by the Europe Sports Organization as one of the most excellent players in Europe so they also have received numerous awards from them.

Among the countries in Europe, it is Romania that gets the attention of Asia because they are good opponent to Asians since Asians are gold medalist also. However, Romanians looks so good partner for Asian and European Tournament.

Handball is a game often played in Romania. Though it is not played in Olympics, they still carry this out in order not to lose the games they are used to play.